Accelerating Firo's privacy research

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Aaron Feickert will be joining the Firo research team on a full-time research contract through Cypher Stack, a blockchain consultancy and digital utilities provider. Most recently, Dr. Feickert assisted Firo in hardening Lelantus and providing feedback on Lelantus v2 design.

Dr. Feickert will be building on Firo’s goal of providing quality research in blockchain privacy with cryptographer Aram Jivanyan to further improve and harden Lelantus v1/v2, explore privacy-preserving methods for light wallet implementations and help the transition to mandatory privacy, while retaining our incentivized infrastructure and interoperability capabilities. Continued work in this field may also benefit other privacy schemes based on one-out-of-many proofs such as Triptych and Lelantus-MW.

Dr. Feickert is no stranger to the blockchain privacy scene, having served as a key Monero Research Lab researcher under the pseudonym Sarang Noether. At Monero Research Lab, his work focused on advancing transactional privacy and blockchain size efficiency, and included the theory and implementation of CLSAG, Triptych and Arcturus protocols, as well as novel implementations for Bulletproofs and Bulletproofs+.


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