A Tyrannical Technetronic Dystopia - A Possible Future


Some of the new regulations being enacted don’t look good for average crypto investors as individuals. With the latest FTX debacle, they (governments) will be pushing for legislation and regulations that would make holding crypto a burden such as in the USA, taxation through “unrealized capital gains” for example. I believe Cody Hawk describes the possible or eminent future situation best in the video above.

In this dystopia, governments will issue the only legal crypto currency (possibly tied to carbon credits and or a social credit score) that will make it possible to track and trace every single transaction. Artificial intelligence will be used to monitor the other blockchains, flagging unauthorized movements of unsanctioned transactions that cannot be tied to identities. This is the future they are building.

Corporate structured ownership of crypto assets will only be the viable way for anyone to trade and maintain crypto legally. All others, individuals will be forced out of ownership by the heavy burdens placed on them.