2MINERS.COM is not paying miners since 7 January

I’m SOLO mining Firo at 2miners solo pool, but I look at payments made by 2miners to miners and they are not happening.
Firo community is aware of this issue ?

this not affect 2miner solo payouts


It would be nice if there was a good poll in Europe for solo mining other than 2miners.

Hey there NbunnyPT!
The Firo team is aware and working with 2Miners to resolve the issue.
It is a specific issue with 2Miners’ wallet which was not done using mnemonics and non-HD since they’re using an old style of wallet. It is important to state this is NOT 2Miners’ fault.
The important thing is that we are working towards the fix, but our lead developer for this is still on holiday, but he is working on it still to remedy the situation albeit at a slower rate understandably.

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Oh sure. The hash rate is there, the blocks were solved, but magically no one gets paid. Someone got paid as always. Probably another scam. Are all those who have been mining all this time in the 2miners pool going to get back paid? :joy:

I’ve been mining in 2miners also. Stopped because I wasn’t getting paid either. Am I getting paid back for all the hash rate I have provided? Show me the FIRO.

Here are the pools you can use, maybe those others will payout.

This actually started Dec 29, 2022. then one payment was made Jan 08, 2023 and nothing since then.

2miners have provided their encrypted wallet to the core team for investigation to help us troubleshoot the issue.

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my payouts have started back up again, thank you!

The issue isn’t completely resolved and there about 2800 coins being stuck in the old wallet but we’re still working hard but I believe 2miners have indeed restored service.