ZCOIN watchface for Android Wear, Samsung, or Apple watches

I designed a Zcoin watchface. Pictures below.
You can download the watchface here:

It should run on most smart watches and can be used as a home screen widget on Android phones as well.
You will need to have the WatchMaker app installed on both your phone and your smart watch.


Then download the above file and use the apps import function to import the Zcoin watchface. On Android just hit the 3 dot menu select import watchface and then browse to where you download the above file to.

Hope everyone enjoys the watch.

Donation address:


Dim mode


Gif of watchface


@MeanHash that is an amazing design! Do you mind guiding me on how to download it for my Apple watch please? =)

Thank you so much for doing that!

1.) Install the WatchMaker app on your iPhone and your watch.

2.) download the watchface to your iPhone from my link above.

3.) open the WatchMaker app and import the watchface file you downloaded

4.) use the app to send the watchface to your Apple watch.

@MeanHash thanks for the instructions. However when I tried to import with URL in the Watchmaker app it says “invalid watch file”.

You can’t import with a url. You have to save the watch file to your phone. Then import that file.

The watch face interface can be customized by the backend code changes and we can learn about in details from kaspersky antivirus error 1922

The watchface is open source. It’s built in WatchMaker app and can be fully customized in the app. It’s not locked down.

I can assure you there is no viruses. My guess is your av just doesn’t recognize the watch file type.