Zcoin/Firo and the Defi Ecosystem

Starting today, Zcoin (soon to be Firo) is the first project to launch on StakeHound’s liquidity bridge to the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem on Ethereum. With the new stakedXZC token, all Zcoin holders will be able to generate yield through major DeFi applications while they continue to receive stable staking rewards.


I don’t get it at all. Znodes are supposed to increase the decentralization of the network by counterbalancing miners. This stuff literarly throws this feature to litterbin by creating an incentive to offload Znode operation to a single entity (maybe several of them in the future) while simultaneously centrilizing huge portion of founds under the same entity (aka institutional grade cusodian).

I would much rather prefer Znodes remain Znodes.

Want to know how to use stakedXZC/Firo on Ethereum? This tutorial guides you how to buy/sell stakedXZC/FIRO on Uniswap or add liquidity to it and earn fees!

Find out more here:

Don’t forget stFiro, which is Firo sitting in masternodes that are wrapped as an ERC-20 token to be able to participate in the Ethereum ecosystem while continuing to receive masternode rewards!

Hosting and maintenance is all built in and taken care of by Stakehound (https://www.stakehound.com) and their partnership with Allnodes.

Etherscan has updated with the new logo and name:

Buy/Sell stFiro on Uniswap!

There is now a pool on Pancakeswap

If you could get $FIRO on a DEX, which would you use? (Poll)

Defi fever is over, our goal is to go our own way and lead the rise of the privacy plate route