We have completed the Zcoin hardfork to deterministic Znodes successfully!

Thank you to our many responsive ecosystem partners for their quick action!

Make sure you’re on Zcoin v0.14.0.1 which fixes a minor bug with protx transactions.

Please only download from official sources. We also will not send you any private messages on this (including bots)!

If you’re an existing Znode holder, you can read on how to register your Znode with the new system here:

If you have a service hosting your Znodes for you, consult with your Znode provider for instructions on how to do this as instructions may differ from provider to provider.

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ZNode deterministic registration done for me (hosted by allnodes.com).
Just a little détail : in the local wallet, when I double-click on the line of a znode (tab “znode”), all the informations about this znode are displayed in an information windows nammed “additional information for…”. It is very great, but we can’t select all these informations to copy/past for backup them in a other place.