Should we enable spork functionality temporarily until Lelantus matures?

Dito pro sporks with a time limit.

Kenshin proposed having some form of hidden time limit. While it brings up an interesting point it is imho impractical.

First the source code is available. Secondly how would the Zcoin team be accountable to the public about the time limit and deactivation of the spork functionality at the end of the hidden time limit?

As Reuben mentions an attacker would just wait until the hidden time limit is reached (somehow the Zcoin team would have to make this public).

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I’m ok for the spork functionality, despite the point of centralisation…
For security reasons, this functionality should not be able to be used by a single person, but at least 3 persons will be necessary to use it (like a multisig wallet, for example).
Did I understand correctly? Would the incorporation of this functionality postpone the halving by 2 weeks (around October 10)?

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I personally think the spork function should remain always there,

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Based on previous unfortunate experiences, I believe its a “necessary evil” at this time.
How long should we do it?

Im open to further discuss that, but for now I agree.


Implementation concern from discord chat: How will the end-user know what happens when a feature is turned off? Let’s say someone is depending on the privacy feature, and the team is forced to turn it off. What will prevent the user from accidentally sending a de-anonymized transaction while Lelantus is offline when privacy may have been critical?

The concern is that if it’s easy for the user to accidentally send de-anonymized transactions if the Lelantus spork is activated, then it can be used against people if say, the government forces the team to activate the spork.

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Well for Lelantus transactions there should be an error when we ‘emergency switch’ it. With chainlocks, we’ll discuss a way on the best way to do this.

But it’s a good discussion, sometimes when turning off features we have to do it surrepptiously when combating an active hack to give us some time to assess and react but it’s obviously not a long term solution hence the fixed time limit.


The PR for this is here:

@JCTheMiner There will be notifications on the network when sporks are issued.

Fixed validity period of one year from Lelantus activation.

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So we are about 4 months away from the spork functionality expiring, we as a community have to decide whether to extend or have it expire as planned.

Personally I’m okay either way but as we are moving to Lelantus Spark, it may make sense to just secure the switch for a while longer but wish to have community feedback on this.

Lelantus doesn’t have known flaws but there is a component where security isn’t formally proved (and can’t be done so easily) so it is a potential issue.

This is also one of the reasons why we also changed the structure with Lelantus Spark to make it easier to prove security.

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Let s make another thread ?

I vote extension of period.


Firo’s investors (holders) have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of investors, Most of investors don’t understand technology, What they care about is:
1、Is it safe to hide money in Firo? Will they suffer major losses when Firo be hacked?
2、Is it safe to deposit money in Firo for a long time? Will they suffer major losses due to code-bugs leading to ‘Infinite Counterfeit’ inflation?
3、 Is it enough anonymous to use Firo to avoid being attacked by Authoritarian government?

How many people in the forum really understand technology better than Firo technical team? Very few people knew the cryptography well enough to make a right choice than Firo core technical team.

Investors(holders) need the technical team to give a deterministic answer.
whether this technology is advanced in the field of privacy,
whether this technology is impeccable in mathematical theory,
whether this technology is safe enough in code.

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Closing this thread as the new proposal is here:

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