Rebranding Brainstorming for Zcoin

Blink would better fit an instant transaction coin ^^’


rename it THB - official cryptocurrency of thailand. The Thai Bhat

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Since in the tag line we have “Mint, Spend, Repeat” I vote for Mint but shares the same name as the Linux OS. I think that’s better than being confused with Zcash.

I like Blink. Sounds innocent. I’m worried about names like Ghost and Phantom that gives the immediate emotional idea of dark web nefarious use when talking to a random person for the purpose of adoption.

Clear coin(CLR) maybe (clear your transactions)

I am not really a fan of rebrand but being confused with Zcash is troublesome. I say let’s delve into some mythology, folklore, Latin etc to find a cool catchy name and do a test with the public on feelings when hearing a name.


I do want to avoid things that reinforce the ‘dark’ side of privacy. So things like Shade isn’t so good. Blink is not bad though not SEO friendly.

I liked WhiZper but some felt it corny and feels like it’s about ‘hiding’ things.


I guess since we are going to move away from Zerocoin onto a new protocol, so maybe the Z can be dropped too.

Need a short, catchy name and ticker that reflects the values, or privacy or the protocol or anonymity

Also I would recommend steering away from names that sound : ‘dark’ or ‘evasive’ or ‘too secretive’


The chat likes the idea of sigma which we will soon go to. Sigma coin sounds pretty cool. Can still use it to show new roots even after we implement Lelantus.

Following months of consultation with our community and creative agencies, Zcoin $XZC is finally rebranding. We now no longer have a name.


The zcoin website best names 1= Noor 2= blink 3=photon

Civilian coin
Civil coin
Private coin
personal coin
Personally managed banking coin
PMB coin
Or somthing else

I have some suggestions for the rebranding.


just my 2 cents.

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Just call it “Satang” like the exchange that poramin made

Let’s be smart here and learn from others. I’ve been following rename of Byteball to Obyte, they have involved European Naming Agency -read more here

Hi … I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth (or 0.002 XZC worth) to the discussion …
BTW … I loved the rebranding to ‘the coin without a name’ on Apr 1 … I have a lot of T-shirts with that logo on them already …

But … seriously … While I like some of the suggested new names … I question if any of them are really appropriate for Zcoin.

I tried to come up with some of my own … but virtually all of them have already been taken (even the latin ones … world orbis earth terra anon anoncoin bonum).

Re-branding is a good idea if there is a real need to do it - I’m just questioning if there really is a need or not … I haven’t heard about any changes to the coin that implys the need for a change in name.
Zcoin may be confused with Zcash more than we’d like … but no matter what name you choose, there’s always the chance that someone will come along later with a similar name and cause confusion.

Also … There’s re-branding … and then there’s re-branding …
Sometimes it’s just a matter of refocusing on what’s important and special about your coin … rather than changing things for no good reason … or just for the sake of change, or because the protocol changes.

The example of Zencash rebranding to Horizen shows how re-branding can be confusing (and I still don’t get why they needed to do it … and it seems to have hurt their value significantly).

Looking way back … reformulating Coke … then having to back-track with Coke-classic shows even ‘smart’ companies can make branding and marketing boo-boo’s … just hoping Zcoin thinks this though completely before acting.

To me - unless you are changing how the coin is being used (non-privacy vs. privacy) or want to market a new feature (instant transactions or something like that) … then you may want to stick with your strengths, and just restate, and refocus on those strengths … and to me … those strengths are Zero-Knowledge proofs … which I’m assuming are not likely to be dropped by Zcoin any time soon (if ever).

Changing the name to suit changes to the protocol can be a future headache - since the protocol is likely to change again (and again … and again) … so sigma-bla-bla-coin or lelantus-bla-bla-coin won’t really work either.

But both Sigma and Lelantus continue and improve on the idea of Zero-knowledge proofs … so in my opinion … Zcoin can be ‘re-branded’ just by changing the focus from Zerocoin … to Zero-Knowledge …

I think most of us like the name Zcoin … and I think unless there’s a real need, or reason for changing the name, that keeping it the same makes more sense, and instead - re-branding the ‘why is it called Zcoin’ is a more appropriate action …

The new answer to the question ‘what is Zcoin’ or ‘why is it called Zcoin’ could now be:
Zcoin is called Z-coin because it uses Zero-Knowledge proofs in it’s protocol to ensure transaction validity and prevent double spending or counterfeit coin creation.

This is just one person’s opinion … I hope this helps …



but if you are dead set here is some damage control

lets move away from the “coin” - coin implies you need a whole object, and when you have 0.00000 you are in the “wrong”, cash makes the wrong associations too

What is at its core the thing, it a bit, it is a Privacy Bit - Privacy Bits. Then bit is OK to be 0.0000whatever. And we have a name for the smallest denomination, it is the bit.

So names:

Privacy Bits

But that is too much of a fetch. It is not natural to go from Z to P. But calling it bits is the brilliant part. So:

Zcoin Z-coin > Z-Bits Zbits

That way you keep the Z symbol and you move strictly away from the coin cash problem. And you get to keep your heritage and the reference to the zero proofs.


Satoshies, Zbits

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Same issue I had when trying to come up with a name … ZBIT (ZBT) is already taken …

I think the cryptocurrency world is pretty well named-out …

Gee … how about Zcoin (XZC) … … :grin:

if Zbits is taken then
why not Z-trace - Zero trace (cannot be traced but it is accounted for)
or Z-mint - Zero Mints - because you mint coins and if it is by default you are dealing with mints

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How about the name Zigma (combination of our current logo Z and the protocol Sigma)

There’s already a coin sigmacoin (SIGMA) … and we’ll be back into confusion like we have between zcoin and zcash with sigma and zigma …

Gee … how about Zcoin (XZC) … … :grin:

There are definitely interesting ideas. I think I have to agree with Zed, is re-branding really necessary? If not, stick with Zcoin. Zcoin IMO denotes monetary coinage and seems most appropriate for fungible cryptocurrency. As much I like the name Zcoin, it doesn’t stop me sometimes from saying Zcash referencing Zcoin aloud. Not sure why, probably cause they sound almost similar. I don’t know, it’s probably just me.

That being said, Zcred has a kind of ring to it. ‘‘Zcred ’’ (short for Zero-Knowledge Credit perhaps?) sounds distinctly different from ‘‘ZeeCash’’. Zcred on the plus side can still make use of the XZC ticker symbol. Just one more idea to throw into the hat.

I was thinking rebranding into a generic name like what Dash did. They went from dark coin to Dash. Their marketing is welcoming, none of that dark, secretive vibe. A name that’s easy to understand by the masses.
If a cashier ask you how would like to pay for it, you don’t wanna say, darkcoin, phantom, or zbit. That’ll freak people out. We need something that’s the opposite of that. Ultimately we want to mass adoption and branding is extremely important. Easily accepted by the masses.
Honestly, darkcoin rebranded and it is a good choice. We need people to refer crypto as digital cash. Not credit or debit or checks.
How about “VCash” or “VCash”?
V stands for virtual. So virtual currency. People know what cash is. With the V, people can easily refer it to virtual cash. And it’s generic enough for people to remember and not be freaked out by the name.
The average grandma won’t know what you are talking about if you say darkcoin or bytecoin. Etc.
People have a easier saying Dash than Pivx or some other coin.
If you in front of a cashier and she asks you how would like to pay for it?
If you say “vcash”, people behind you might think what it stands for. “oh vcash, probably digital cash or crypto”