Nomination for Community Fund Committee

If anyone would like to be nominated for a CFC member position or nominate themselves, please post in this thread along with an introduction of who you are, why you think you should be a CFC member and what you would like to see the community fund used for.


I would like to nominate myself for one of the positions.

On telegram I am super dragoon.

I’ve been a member of Firo/Zcoin pretty much since the early 2017 days and feel strongly and pationate about the future of Firo. I am likely one of the only few early members still active and take the future of Firo very seriously and to heart. I am always neutral and if something bothers me or I feel is not right I always raise my voice. Something I have seen over the years slightly getting lost. Most of the community just takes the position wherever it said let’s do it and hope the price increase.

For the future of Firo I would like to see to begin one to be recognised as one of the best privacy crypto currency, be given the credit that deserve from all the privacy crypto community, work on adoption and really give more power over to the community which I hope we can see that once we have the community fund. There things I will myself propose as I do believe we are behind on some things.

Should anyone have any questions feel free to ask.


I started investin in firo since 2020. Own multiple masternodes & was a miner when algorithm was mtp on mintpond since the switch to firopow it is not so profitable for me so instead i mine other coins & sell them for firo. Was doing volunteer solo self marketing for firo on muliple forums & boards last year too.


我想担任其中的一个职位,并付出行动。为社区为大家。来自中国的成员!凝聚我们凝聚一切需要firo的人。社区基金希望用来孵化新人 创新的新项目,品牌知名度。解决firo存在的一些直接矛盾和间接矛盾的问题。坚定的做我们firo最好的隐私加密货币,并且接受发展过程中的创新,在技术上和营销上不断更新换代, 做社区的多元化强力后盾。



I would like to nominate myself for one of the positions too.

introduction of who you are

My Telegram username is Nrsimha. Although I am not miner my first contact with Firo (Zcoin) was that I started to mine it on VPS :slight_smile: As price was extremely low that time I was able to mine my first 12 Firo / XZC. And from that time I am with the project as I liked idea of privacy and had faith in technology. Although first years I was not much present in Telegram groups and my first involvement in community was in time when there was voting about increasing coins required for masternodes. For last 2 years I am more present in our Telegram groups and have strong conviction Firo has great potential.

why you think you should be a CFC member

I like Firo and I would like to help Firo by voting for good projects. Some people around me think I have good moral standard, so I would try to vote for project without potential personal bias.

what you would like to see the community fund used for

I would like to see community fund to be used especially for projects which help Firo mass adoption, for example will be nice to use funds to help introduce Firo to more merchants/projects/services so they accept it as one of payment methods and people will find Firo as practical and safe currency to use.


I’d like to nominate myself. Diego Salazar.

Who am I? Well, I made the old FCS, the new FCS, did the rebrand from Zcoin to Firo, made the website, made Firo Runner, made Campfire Wallet, etc.

I own and run Cypher Stack, and we are very close friends with Firo. My vast catalogue of work speaks for itself in regards to my commitment to the project and desire to see it succeed.

Also also, I’d like to nominate sproxet, one of the devs thay works on Firo. Stand up person, and loves the project.


Impressive flex Lol!

Yeh Diago would probably be a good choice.

Actually maybe not. It looks like we could be employing your services in the future.
So better not to have a conflict on the committee.

I heard good things about sproxet, so maybe he’d be good.

“Cannot be a current full-time member of the Firo core team. Part-time contributors or contractors of Firo’s core team are allowed but must be disclosed.”
Diego still qualifies as presumably he is considered a contractor and he is disclosing this position. I don’t necessarily see a conflict of interest directly, however, I could see perhaps having to recuse himself if there was a funding-related item for something Cypherstack was proposing, and I don’t see Diego having a problem with recusing himself from a vote if there is an obvious conflict of interest.

As for Sproxet, I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure Sproxet is a full-time team member so he would not be eligible for the position.

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I don’t doubt thats the case. I would just however be cautious regarding community ‘perception’.

Sproxet is actually a part time contributor/contractor and runs their own company. Past two months they worked with a different project but is now resuming work with us and one other project (not affiliated to us) now.

You can take a look at the GitHub activity to confirm this but yes they are listed as a developer for the core team so I understand if people are hesitant. Note that the core team is rather a loose definition as we do not operate with a legal entity and therefore list significant and regular contributors on the team page. There used to be a Zcoin Foundation Ltd registered in Singapore we used for software signing certificates but as we couldn’t open a bank account without significant funds, we decided to discontinue it and it’s basically a shell with no economic activity. Leave it to the community to decide if they are okay with the nomination.

My personal experience with Sproxet is that they are one of the few people with both the experience of software development and also knowledge of zk proofs and therefore would be a valuable addition in the technical area. Sproxet has also been a huge supporter of the project and charges the core team a massively discounted rate because they believe in our project and enjoys working with the core team.


Yes at the end of the day, especially as Diego works closely with me (though his company may work with many other projects), may be seen as a conflict of interest though he would be barred from voting in any matter that involves his company even if accepted.

The bigger issue is whether the community would view Diego’s involvement as a proxy of the core team (which isn’t the case TBH) but I understand the perception.


who you are,

Been a community member that likes the privacy tech and mission statement of Firo for years dating back to about a little bit before Zcoin released master nodes and you could park your zcoins on Satang Pro exchange for master node shared rewards before Binance was doing it.

I would help answer questions in chat rooms here seldomly but would try and encourage email campaigns to Bitrefill to accept Firo. Been a holder of multiple master nodes for years and recently last year got into mining where I mine other coins and buy Firo with some. I donate some my rewards to the fundraising efforts over the years leading into the current audits. When Indonesia was one of the few on ramps to Firo with Fiat and the earthquake in Lombok happened, I wanted to get donations in to help people on the ground because it is always a good look if Firo is being used for good.

why you think you should be a CFC member?:

I want to see Firo succeed and get adopted across the board. Firo I think have the tech that respects privacy and just probably need a strong story.

What you would like to see the community fund used for?

I would like the community fund to address pressing matters like the Cryptographic and Code audits. Then after those are in the books and goes well then I would at least like to see it used for providing liquidity in DEXs and possibly the popular CEX that people in general are using.


Now let’s refrain from aligning ourselves to the project and make it to do nothing with the community.

Nothing personal but Reuben I see both rehrar and his friend nomination as conflict of interest.

Btw, rehrar did you get paid to do the things you listed you did or you did it for free? If you did them for free ok but if you got paid not to spoil your flex but many of the things you did I could of did it myself if I got paid.

Giving voice to close allies to the project for me is definitely a Red flag. Reuben let’s finally involve the community and not close allies.

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Sure I get the issue and see the bad optics so not going to champion one way or another as I see him as an asset to the CFC but also see the conflict of interest so maybe best for @rehrar not to run.

While @rehrar was paid for many things, he also did many things for free as well and really helped me out.

To be fair @sproxet works quite independently from us through his entity Signal Eleven.

The main reason I would be concerned is if the CFC was devoid of anyone with technical or a software development background to evaluate proposals / milestone payments especially one that has been loyal to the project over the years (not in terms of hodling but also in terms of contribution and activity). I hope there are other candidates.


I second this, I think someone with dev knowledge would be invaluable.

I’ll nominate myself contingent that I don’t have to be doxxed at some point as I value my privacy.


I have added several other details in my original post and also gave some suggestions on some ground rules to prevent abuse of the community fund.

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No one has to be doxxed.

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It definitely would be nice to have representation among the Chinese speaking community but would you be able to follow the discussion/meeting and debates if they are held in English?

There will be a live interview (that can be done over text/online meeting) that will be done for nominees. The transcripts/logs of these interviews will be made public.

The purpose of this interview is to ensure they meet the minimum requirements and also to give greater transparency to the wider Firo community into the nominee.

Things that would be asked would be mainly talking about why they’re believers of Firo, their understanding of certain aspects of the tech, a little more about who they are (no requirement to DOX) and their vision on how the fund would be utilized.

Proof of being an active part of the Firo community for at least a year may be requested for those not recognized.