IMPORTANT: Final chance to weigh in on Development/Community funding percentage

My thoughts:

20% Dev Fund
35% Znodes
45% Miners

If the Dev Fund gets above USD100k/month, the"excess" funding will be placed in a separate fund that will be handled by a ZCS council that will be used for whatever the community sees fit.

I realise that I’m in favour of a higher Dev fee than most here but I think it’s important to remember the reasons why we have a block reward in the first place. It’s to secure the network and distribute new Zcoins into as many different hands as possible.

Securing the network
Having a well funding Dev fund means more programmers, testers, third-party audits, bigger bug bounties, and more infrastructure. All of these things result in a more secure network. I’d argue you’d have a much more secure network if you spend an extra 5% of block reward on development vs Znode or mining rewards. When you dealing zero-knowledge proof cryptography, a small mistake can be really costly, making the need for testers, third-party audits, bigger bug bounties vital.

Zcoins distribution
Most users Zcoins will likely come from an exchange or service and not from mining or Znodes.

To make Zcoins widely distributed, it needs to be on as many quality exchanges, platforms and services as possible. The unfortunate reality is that the integration with many of these platforms require dev time, funding, infrastructure and marketing.

A reminder about the Community Meeting happening tomorrow, 25th April at 10 pm (GMT +8)

We will be finalising the block reward percentages for the next halving at this meeting.

The meeting will be held over voice on Discord.

Note that this is dependent on how many Znodes there are. If it maintains the same then it’ll be about 7-8% per annum.

10 minutes until the community meeting ->

I dont find justified the difference 35% znode and 50% minors.

I would be for 40% Znode and 45% minors. Znodes are very important for the Zcoin ecosystem too. And a profitability of 8% is very low, especially at the current price, while mining on MTP is very profitable. The incentive for Znodes must remain attractive!

15% Dev Fund (продолжительность 2 года)

I think this is a good idea. Why? Because XZC is very young. Now is not the best time to argue who gets how much. Now our task is to finance the project so that it gives a result. When developers are forced to seek money to make a project live, this is bad. Developers must do the development. And we, as investors, must give developers the conditions for this. My opinion is final. If 15% is required, we will give you 15% percent. Do your job.

Thanks the final decision has been made and published! Thank you for your feedback and support!