Final Poll on Firo Block Reward Division

The reason I even bring this up, is every interview we do. It seems the host wants to know why supply is 21.4 million. Then we have to rehash a protocol bug from years ago that has no bearing on Firo today.
In my opinion, this still does damage to Firos image, and in most cases could be avoided.

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Me to, as well as dynamic blocks. I also really think this kind of thing should be done in Firos infancy, before it becomes a hot potato issue like blocksize on BTC.

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New thread for tail emission and acceleration of emission schedule is now open.

Tagging people who wanted to see this opened.
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To decentralise the MN network, give us simple, easy to follow guides so we can use old laptops and Raspberry Pis (perhaps already running a BTC and LN nodes?) while keeping collateral safe on HWs.

I could put a couple of nodes on old laptops and two Pis I have tomorrow if you could make it simple for me to do so.


Let’s keep on topic please. Enough deviation. New topics can be started by anyone.

There are 3 more days for this poll after which we will close voting. We are finalizing code in place and will be testing it soon.

However we do need to get the Community Fund Committee elected and would recommend experienced and dedicated users to nominate themselves or someone else.


How long will it take for firO to be implemented after the vote? I hope it can be launched as soon as possible to accelerate the pace. I hope FIRO can become different in this year.

Weekly Firo Development Meeting Minutes

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Firo is different each year as it evolves. I suppose you mean the price is different :heart_eyes_cat:

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Not only the price, but also its popularity, reputation, technical capabilities and so on. At present, FIRO is still only in a small circle, only a few people know it

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In terms of the reputation I agree it will take time due to the hiccups along the way but we will get there.

Technical capabilities I strongly believe Firo has them already but instead of just sitting like most project we are driving for further developments and improvements.

In terms of circle I think it’s not small but not big either. Most holders or at least English speaking once are not very vocal. MN and miners neither. I also feel many people are aware of Firo but prefer to jump from hype to hype for quick buck rather than looking long term.

I also believe competition are in some ways hating on us not because they don’t like us but because are jealous what we are achieving despite the hiccups and despite the small fund we have to work on with.

I don’t see much popularity for FIRO, at least for now it’s far from the XMR ZEC. It’s not something everyone is talking about, just a few of us.

Usually people say if you hear about something everywhere it’s already late.

So you’re saying you don’t want people to know about it?

Of course I want and this year I believe they will find out.

What I am saying that we should consider ourselves lucky that we know about Firo and have the opportunity to get in at this price levels before we explode. IMO it’s inevitable


但是按照进行设置的时候,“ Step 3: Creating ownerAddress, payoutAddress, feeSourceAddress and operatorKey/operatorPubKey”让我陷入了迷茫(不知道如何实现部署),请问有人给个详细的教程吗?有详细的图片和文字说明的那种。

现在只有文字说明,让我这刚关注Firo没多久并且没有设置主节点的人一下子失去了方向 。

@Firo10000 It would be best if you can create a new thread asking for help on your masternode setup. Thank you

The poll has concluded. We will be testing the code to implement the changes soon. A formal announcement on our blog will come in the next few days.

Please don’t forget to nominate or to nominate yourself for the interim Community Fund Committee (CFC). Nomination for Community Fund Committee

We will keep this thread open a little more before closing it.

Thanks to everyone who voted!


Thank you all that voted and let’s look forward to the next chapter of Firo.

Be patient.


谢谢你帅哥,我不知道在哪里创作一个new thread .