FCS Proposal - FIRO Awareness and Exposure via Huobi Live

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: FIRO Awareness and Exposure via Huobi Live
  • Author: fabianbpc922
  • Proposal type: Marketing
  • Link: click here

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It’s a good proposal. firo really needs more exposure. Let more people know what we’re doing.

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Reposting the proposal here so it’s easy to read:


Huobi re-listed FIRO recently therefore it will be a good timing to throw on certain marketing activities that will creates greater momentum towards the trading volume on HUOBI.

How much?

The tabulation of our expenses for a series of marketing activities that will be held for 30 days.

  1. 850USD
  • Allowance for 4 live stream sessions for 100USD each session that will last for 2 hours that will sums up to 400 USD.
  • Live session preparation and production allowance of total 200USD that sum up from 50USD for each session.
  • total of 4 articles regarding important points that has been pitched during each live session will be posted on Community page and we seek for allowance for producing, writing and answering 60USD per writings and 10USD from each posting allowance will be reserved as rewards for comments random winner to post their trading result on this each posting. Total 250 USD with 10USD reserved for minor expenses.
  1. 1000 USD - 688USD prize pool for winner that participated on the Informative and prize winning session. 322USD will be reserve for expenses of production cost.
  2. 500 USD - Other micellaneous expanses and votality protection(Transportation, management &administartion during the campaign period).

Subtotal Estimation 2350 USD @ 1.9USD per FIRO = 1237 FIRO and that divided by a team with collaboration 4 person we received the most 200USD per person for one month involvement.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Fabian from CryptoNexus, Huobi English Community KOL & Live Stream Ambassador. CrytoNexus is a team that I created last year with the intent to promote awareness and understanding about crypto security and privacy. Currently our team consist of 4 members including myself and another Streamer that taking care of Mandarin speaking community.However for the Live session, I am actually thinking of doing it for both English and Mandarin as these 2 communities contributes 90% of Huobi Community’s activities. With minimal exposure of 500-1.5k Huobi users for each session.Therefore I actually planned a 4 weeks marketing activities which listed below:

  1. Total of 5 live sessions on Huobi Community.
  • 2 sessions of Q&A sessions with members of FIRO project to be conducted in Mandarin.
  • 2 sessions of Q&A to be conducted in English
  • 1 Informative live sessions with prize winning on the basis of 1st to answer correctly will be rewarded.
  1. We will also published important points and highlights for the 4 Q&A session with the members from FIRO’s core team.

We can actually converse fluently in Mandarin, English as well as Malay. Language competency will be our additional advantages.



I think its worth a try. Its been a long time since FCS has spend money on something new.

Thank you,

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Ack I was about to reply, why deleted!

Wasn’t something bad. I’m deleting as Im afraid some new members could be misleaded. However my standing is unchanged and firm. I hope to have any senior member in this forum to be on my Live Session, and I had everything planned. Let’s walk the talk and spark some excitement for Firo!

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24 January 2023

Nrsimha (03:07 pm)

A significant amount from the proposal is planned to be used for the prize pool, but in CFC suggested rules it is stated this: “6) CFC funds should not be used for giveaways even for the purpose of promoting adoption or participation. These have limited effects”

Nrsimha (03:13 pm)

Also, as times proven anytime when there is a reward during live stream it attracts hundreds of bots with mostly irrelevant questions which completely kills any useful discussion and spoils session for any normal visitors who are potentially interested in Firo.

Nrsimha (03:17 pm)

For those 4 or 5 live sessions would be practical to fund only one and see engagement if to continue with the other one?

Firo Chan Reuben (03:19 pm)

This is Huobi, not a random ama afaik.

Rehrar Diego Salazar (11:04 pm)

I’m unhappy with this idea on principle, although I understand keeping ties with larger exchanges is very important.

Kartal Eagle (11:19 pm)

Exchange communities allow award-winning Q&A. We can also do this with exchange communities. (AMA).

25 January 2023

Fiend Ish (03:57 am)

With these kinds of things, unless it’s a VERY large number of views and we are getting great ‘bang for buck’, I agree with @Nrsimha, and we should respect rule No.6.

If we consider the cost per view. The cost is around $2,500. The proposer estimates there will be 2-6k views. Being a Huobi’ish community, these views should be highly targeted (which is good).

For these calculations, I’m going to assume zero bots or prize chasers show up, and it’s purely people interested in Firo/privacy/crypto. At current Firo prices, this equates to the following.

Cost per highly targeted view = $1.25 - $0.42.

For comparison and context:

If we compare the cost to an infomercial proposal I made previously. And if I use this month’s channel stats and current Firo price, the cost per view would be the following.

700,000k non-targeted views at a cost of $650 per month. Assuming a 14% general population crypto ownership rate. 700,000 x 0.14 = 98,000 targeted views. The cost per targeted view = $0.006 Note: 98,000 target views are a worse-case assumption, as most crypto owners are male, and the channel’s demographic is mostly male. I’m not completely against the proposal, but for me, the estimated views are a little too low, which hurts the value proposition considering the $2500k cost.


Thanks for having me in this community. With support from @reuben I had submitted an AMA session on Huobi on this coming 10th February featuring @reuben. A small effort from us hopefully we can spark excitment by re-introducing Firo to Huobi Community. Please support me by clicking on the link below if you haven’t signup for a Huobi account :slight_smile:

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Will keep everyone posted once the application has been approved


Nice! Looking forward, hope it’s approved :slight_smile:


First of all I am sorry to disappoint everyone here, that Huobi has rejected my live session with featuring @reuben. I am actually willing to let other Huobi streamer or KOL to conduct this AMA should they feels I am not fit for the host. But they didn’t reply any further. I was quite upset and having a conversation with the person in charge they said even if we were to promote certain projects of Huobi we have to obtain mandate and support from that specific community. I myself have tried all the possible ways to make all the happen but I failed. I will still not giving up and will push forward a series of informative live session for Firo in my upcoming live session. But I do need support and mandate from this community should this community feels and think that I am fit and qualified to carry Firo with me on Huobi


For those who had missed what’s going on, I would like to this to be clear, I didn’t took a single cent for doing all these. I genuinely believe Firo deserve better exposure so I’m doing all these at my own expenses. I am not here to soliciting any PR or advertisment fundings for my personal gain. In my deleted post I stated that I am willing to contribute to any crypto projects as long as the project is genuine and could really brings benefit to everyone. Thus After reading the community fundings discussion on Discord. I think I have to make myself very clear on this. I do not wish to be presented by anyone as misleaded community members because of personal gain. The motive of having this proposal written was I could hardly find any crypto projects like Firo which is community driven transparent and most importantly genuinely believes that Firo can achieve something greater. Most of the projects I encountered was profit oriented or focusing more on monetisation. I mentioned should my proposed amount eas approved I will definitely not gonna be staying with Firo. As even for myself I do not think my influence worthy of the proposed amount. So I hope I can make myself very clear on my own standings.


Status changed from ‘idea’ to ‘Disabled’

Greatly appreciate the time and effort you took to make the Live possible even under such tight deadlines.
We had some technical hiccups but looking forward to do it again in the not too distant future.

I do hope that you stay and continue learning/contributing to the Firo community as it’s always nice to have a fellow brother in Kuching in the same industry :slight_smile:


hey, wait, wheres the live? I want to see it

Sorry, I overlooked sharing a link for it, guys!
You can find the recording for the Huobi Live AMA with Reuben Yap here: Huobi | The Leading Global Digital Asset Spot

How often is it broadcasted, or can the broadcasted time be announced in advance in the forum

AFAIK it’s currently a one-off thing though @FabianPCBong has mentioned that he is open to doing it again another time.

Just that it has to be approved by Huobi so there should be a new angle rather than the same content all the time.

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I am very happy that at least I can do something for Firo. The live session actually got rejected on first submission as Huobi only allows or organise AMA as such of a crypto project can support them with events or marketing funds. After a few negotiations and also fee days of waiting, I only got the confirmation 2hrs 30 minutes before the live start and I wasn’t allow to reschedule to another date. Huobi actually have their own “listing-fund” packages which a project will have to allocate certain amount of tokens for airdrops, live shows, their carnivals and etc. So considered the previous live is actually a bonus and even my live stream advertisement usually will be put up 2 weeks before the actual live date but on that day, it was up 2 hrs before the live. Thanks @reuben, he actually skipped his dinner for this live. Your spirit and determination is something that inspire me a lot. I am actually planning a few live session that will in-directly talk about Firo. I do hope and wish to learn more from everyone here. Thanks again.