Electrum/Ledger Deposit Addresses

Basic question that I hope someone can clarify.
Whenever I transfer Zcoin to my Ledger and access it via the Electrum wallet, it generates a new Deposit address, so I end up sending them to a different address every time.
Now, can I still deposit any new XZC to an older Deposit address? Will it still be accessible? And lastly, does it actually matter whether it’s sent to a newly generated address or an older one?

You can deposit to old address . It will be accessible. When you select under the tab ‘view’ ‘show Addresses’ you can view and manage all of your adresses . When you send every time to a new address you have more privacy and safety than sending all time to the same address.

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Thank you!

Last question, when you send XZC out from the wallet, are they selected in some sort of sequence from the different addresses? Or are they already mixed like in an omni-bus type account?

When you use Electrum with Ledger you have a masterprivate key on your Ledger, which generate and handle all your public adresses and each private key.

There are receive addresses and change addresses.

Each address has an UTXO ( Unspend transaction output) .
Electrum will search for unspent transactions with a random but deterministic method.

For example :

You received

100 XZC to address 1
50 XZC to address 2
25 XZC to address 3

you will send 160 XZC to another address, so :

        -INPUT-                                        -OUTPUT-
100 XZC from address -1-                   160 XZC to the address you will send XZC -A-
 50 XZC from address -2-                    15 XZC to a change address -B-
 25 XZC from address -3-

So UTXO will be after transaction :

      -address-             -UTXO-
           1                      0
           2                      0
           3                      0
           A                    160
           B                     15

(Fee is not included in the example)
When you want to spend from an specific address , you can go to ‘address’ tab and rightclick on your choosen address and select ‘spend from’ . Then appears a field with the INPUT . When you received more transactions to one address, then you can remove the transactions , which you don´t want to spend .

(When you want to mine XZC to one address and all transactions are small amounts, don’t use Ledger, otherwise Ledger will hang up and you can not spend your coins and have to consolidate https://github.com/zcoinofficial/electrum-xzc/issues/21 )

If you want to anonymise the coins, then you could do that with the Zcoin Core wallet under zerocoin tab in the past . I read the new Zcoin privacy protocol SIGMA will be released soon after last testing . Then you can anonymize your XZC under the SIGMA tab very fast and flexible.