Create a FCF overview page

Hey Community!

i really like the new block reward model with the newly created community fund! in many ways, this if beneficial for the project.

In order to show everyone, especially newcomers, this idea, i would love to see an overview page on the official website.

Not sure if i should create a proposal for that, so i would like to hear your opinion on that.

The need is simple:
create a way to get an overview over the community fund, its reached goals and the current state.
It should give transparency over the fund. it could look a little bit like the roadmap section where you can see all passed achievements. IMHO opinion, the Fund should be as transparent as possible. For the moment, as a community member, i only know:

the Fund address recieved ~21k FIRO and minted ~20k FIRO. i dont know exactly for what and how much is left.

It would be very motivating for the community to see the process and check for correctness.

The page could be editable by the Commitee. Not sure which CMS is using, but i guess we could give the Commitee access to edit the page.

Even some fancy cake charts would be great for visualisation.

what do you think guys?


It will be nice to have one place where will be summary of funded projects.

And Firo Community Fund Committee is already pretty transparent, you can see whole committee discussion on Telegram (Telegram: Contact @firocfc) or in our Discord channel #communityfund

im in with this idea, we need to make that because its contain a important inforamation for the cmc it self

i know, i follow the discussion and like it!

But it is hard to collect information this way. would be way easier to have a place where all info is united.

It is also not very hard to implement, the information is out there, we just have to collect it.

As long as i follow ZCoin/FIRO, it aways stands for transparency, so i`m sure this summery page would be in the best interest of team and community.

The problem is that the main website is static by design. This is a massive improvement over the previous Wordpress site, with its plugins and databases, which was a nightmare to maintain. By comparison, the current main website consists mostly of Markdown and HTML files which are leagues easier to edit.

Is the page at not sufficient?

it is a great overview over our crowdfunding system, yes. But FCS and FCF are not the same, even though many proposals are financed by the Fund. (even for me, following the project for years, it is a bit confusing :sweat_smile:)

What i`m missing are infos about the Fund:

  • How much is in the pot atm to work with? is it 6447.5 FIRO?
  • Where is the money, and who controls the adresses?

to be clear: i don`t think there is anything fishy going on, i totally trust the Commitee, but this is crypto, i want to veryfy, not trust.

10% of our Block reward is going there, i think we should show new users as clear as possible what the community is doing with this share.

The details are available here (but I believe you’ve seen it already):

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