Community Proposal - MyCryptoCheckout Integration. Let's start winning some grassroots mindshare!

Will MyCryptoCheckout be able to support Lelantus Spark transactions?

In their requirements they have:

  • transaction details (amount, recipient)

In Spark those will be accessible only with view key if I understand it correctly.

If we will be able to manage own service, that would be interesting. But I guess it will require to have some kind of server similar as MyCryptoCheckout has.

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Right now thats how they support Monero. You add your private viewkey into the plugin.

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I think I know what your trying to say here, but if you could clarify that would be great.

I’m glad you get what I’m trying to do here. In business this is like a loss leading strategy, that can be used to aggressively try to capture marketshare.
However instead of selling high-margin accessories or replacement parts. For us the return on investment would hopefully be Firo’s network growth. Both in terms of market cap and new active community members that bring with them new varied skillsets, which can also add value to Firo if they are applied.

We need to start winning marketshare so we can start climbing up the market cap rankings again. The community fund appears to be an incredible resource to provide the seed money to try initiatives that may help to do just that.

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Personnaly, I would be very very cautious with the phase 2 (build our own solution).

I think we should first test the water with a one year deal with MyCryptoCheckout and before renewing, see if it was worth it (750$). Is there some way to have usage statistic?

For phase 2, as a software architect, I would be very cautious if one of my dev would come to me and tell me he want to build a tool that alreay exist from scratch. Why?

Im sure that at first, he will develop a test version (POC) very fast and everyone will get excited. But, a POC and a production ready application is two completely differents things. An example of this is Elysium, Firo team is ironing bugs since months and I understand why.

To move that application from a POC to a production ready, we would need a lot of man hours. This application would need to be perfect since we are playing with user’s fund, its not a game. Also, every piece need to be 100% secure, Im sure hackers will try to take advantage of this application.

  • A lot of development would be needed
  • A lot of tests would be needed
  • We would need to provide documentations, how to use, how to debug, etc.
  • Would we provide all kind of plugins for different kind of e-commerce? If yes, that will be a lot of work to maintain because we would need to make sure that our plugins stay functionnal on each e-commerce release.
  • We would need to provide support to users (answering questions).
  • We would need to provide support to merchants (answering questions, explain them how it work, etc.).
  • We would need to have a maintenance team (update new wallets version (imagine if we support 25+ coins with all the update, fork, etc.), keep code framework up to date, keep servers up to date, improving the applications, fixing bugs, etc.)

Phase 2 is not a one time development but a project that a team would need develop, support and maintain. How can we do this with the little community fund that we are having? I dont think its a good idea to throw all our eggs (budget) in the same basket. Also, I dont think it fit the purpose of the firo community. Maybe Im wrong but I think the community should focus on project that can quickly deliver (fire and forget) instead of big projects that will require a lot of time and support after delivery.

Just my personnal opinion :slight_smile: